David Dorfman Dance
2016 Winter Intensive   

January 11-16, 2016

Join David Dorfman Dance January 11-16, 2016, as we teach, create, and dance together during our Winter Intensive. The Winter Intensive is open admission and will focus on Intermediate and Advanced level dancers, though all levels are encouraged to register.

“It is an exciting, invigorating intensive driven by the passion, energy, and knowledge of David Dorfman and his dancers. Your body is pushed and your spirit is lifted! – H. Cullen

dates & LOCATION:

Check back soon for confirmed 2016 dates. 


Check back soon. 

“David Dorfman’s workshop provides an enriching experience for developing artists looking for discovery.”
– A. Montez

Some Benefits of our WINTER Intensive

Sit in on DDD rehearsals after classes
Use the studio space for your own creative and technical work at night
Dormitory and dining hall bonding time with other dancers
Share your own work, new or old
More interaction with company members
So much more!


“David Dorfman and his dancers created a warm, interactive, and nurturing environment where I could challenge myself, enhance my skill set, and dance my heart out! Thank you!” – anonymous

For inquiries

Contact ashley@daviddorfmandance.org or at 212.677.2503.