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Every Winter in NYC and every Summer at Connecticut College!

Be IMMERSED in the work of David Dorfman Dance- FLY through the air, with each other and beyond the self. DDD intensives utilize practices in  technique, text, improvisation, repertory, and partnering as a means for professional and personal development.

Recommended for Intermediate/Advanced dancers.


Join DDD July 1-7, 2019 at Connecticut College for our annual summer INTENSIVE


This particular intensive truly allows for exploration in all forms. It seemed to cater to what the participants want to focus most on in their development as artists.
David Dorfman and his dancers created a warm, interactive, and nurturing environment where I could challenge myself, enhance my skill set, and dance my heart out! Thank you!
— -Participant in DDD Summer Intensive 2016
David Dorfman’s workshop provides an enriching experience for developing artists looking for discovery
— A. Montez