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Community Projects
- FAMILIAR MOVEMENTS (The Family Project)
- OUT OF SEASON (The Athletes Project)

Residency Activities

- David Dorfman Dance: Come, And Back Again
- Life As Disorder, Order As Life
- Dance Troupes to Tour Asia and South America (PDF)
- Coker 101 With David Dorfman Dance Company (PDF)
- Arts Journal (PDF)
- David Dorfman: Dance to the Music (PDF)
- Family Stone Joins the Choreographer for Prophets of Funk (PDF)
- Dance Troup Grooves To Funky Sound (PDF)
- Dance Company Brings in the Funk (PDF)
- David Dorfman Grooves to Sly and the Family Stone (PDF)
- Sly approach helps Dorfman’s troupe assure that no one leaves in a funk (PDF)
- Sly Approach Helps Dorfman's Troup Assure that No One Leaves in a Funk (PDF)
- Onstage: David Dorfman Dance (PDF)
- Get Up and Dance to the Music (PDF)
- David Dorfman Dance brings 'Prophets of Funk' to Vanderbilt (DOC)
- Florida Dance Festival
- Flipping with The Dance Enthusiast
- Lessons from the Road (PDF)
- hope (em)body
- Study Guide for underground (PDF)
- Making 'underground' Mainstream (PDF)
- Departing From the Old Themes to Make a Big Political Statement (PDF)
- Dancing Like Domestic Terrorists: Dorfman channels political engagement through dance (PDF)
- David Dorfman Bends the Way the Wind is Blowin': NYC Dance (PDF)
- Weather channeling David Dorfman's latest finds inspiration in activism (PDF)
- Mapping States and Bodies: Colliding Worlds
- Dorfman hits the mark with two very different productions
- Dorfman program for SPA is an engrossing one
- David Dorfman

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