Aroundtown is a kinetic poem that examines the varied, unique and sometimes divided notions of LOVE- it's meaning, purpose, and platform. With original music, text, and visuals, the work explores commitment, community, and intimacy in times of violence and strife. DDD's trademark empathy, sly humor, and bombastic physicality are harnessed to examine LOVE as both sociopolitical and intimate weather systems.

Aroundtown, will be developed during artistic residencies at Connecticut College, New York University, Dancers Workshop, and American Dance Institute throughout 2016-­2017. Premiere and tour dates to be announced. Please check our Calendar page for updates.

Cast members include Jasmine Hearn, Jordan Lloyd, Nik Owens, Kendra Portier, Simon Thomas-Train, Aya Wilson, and David Dorfman. Sara Gibbons is working as an apprentice. 

Project collaborators include Composers/Performers Sam Crawford, Liz de Lise and Zeb Gould; Media Designer Shawn Hove; Lighting Designer Tuce Yasak; Dramaturg Anne Davison; Costumer Asta Hostetter; and Creative Consultant/Scholar in Residence David Kyuman Kim.