Corporate outreach can play an important part in the company's presence in a community.  The company will work closely with a presenter to develop the most appropriate residency activities for its local corporate community.  As an example, in Durham, North Carolina, under the auspices of the American Dance Festival, the company offered specially-designed movement workshops and movement-based stress reduction workshops to the doctors, nurses, and administrators of Duke University Medical Center, and to the employees of Glaxo Wellcome Corporation, a giant pharmaceuticals company in Research Triangle Park (and a follow-up lec/dem at the company's annual family picnic), IBM, North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company, and SAS Institute.  Corporate employees and their families are also encouraged to participate in the company's community performance projects.  (See above.)

DDD with  Athletes of Classical Sports and Special Olympians from Greece.

DDD with  Athletes of Classical Sports and Special Olympians from Greece.


The Athletes Project, The Family Project, and No Roles Barred are designed specifically to connect non-dancers with professionals.  The projects are flexible to include such diverse groups as at-risk teens, school children, senior citizens, and differently-abled persons, to name just a few.

Please examine the enclosed “Study Guide”, designed by Mary DiSanto-Rose of Skidmore College, for educational outreach within the Saratoga County (NY) Public Schools in January 1999.